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100-foot roll of COLOER 10 gauge 2 conductor low voltage landscape lighting cable suitable for direct burial500ft spool of 10 gauge 2 conductor low voltage landscape lighting cable in front of an illuminated house. The cable is described as directly buried, IP65 waterproof, 100% pure copper core, and flexible.
100W 200W low voltage 2COM multi-tap transformer with clear cover and power cord for outdoor landscape lightingModern multi-story house with illuminated garden and steps, featuring the 100W 200W Low Voltage 2COM Multi-Tap Transformer COT711P in the bottom left corner.
100-foot roll of COLOER 12 gauge 2 conductor low voltage landscape lighting cable for outdoor direct burial12 Gauge 2 Conductor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable by COLOER. Features include easy installation, directly buried, IP65 waterproof, 100% pure copper core, and flexible design. Image shows a coil of cable and a backyard with landscape lighting.
COLOER 12V LED Low Voltage Solid Brass Outdoor Lights Kit including spot light and path light with text 'KIT 6+4' in background12V LED low voltage solid brass outdoor lights illuminating a garden path with greenery and purple flowers, part of COLOER's outdoor lighting solutions.
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12V Low Voltage Brass Garden Path Light with conical top and LED bulb for garden and pathway illumination, durable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution.12V low voltage brass garden path light COP602B illuminating a garden with greenery and plants, with a stone wall and window in the background
COLOER 12V low voltage brass pathway light with conical shade and adjacent LED bulb for yard and driveway lightingBrass low voltage pathway light illuminating a driveway and yard at night with other similar lights in the background
13-inch aluminum LED hardscape light emitting 2700K warm light for outdoor steps and landscape illuminationOutdoor stone staircase with integrated LED hardscape lights illuminating each step, surrounded by lush greenery and stone wall, showcasing durable and energy-efficient lighting solutions for outdoor spaces.
100-foot roll of COLOER 14-gauge low voltage landscape lighting cable with 2 conductors, featuring tinned strip-free, heavy-duty solid copper and durable PVC insulation, ideal for landscape lighting14 gauge low voltage landscape lighting cable by COLOER, 500ft length, 2 conductors, 100% pure copper core, flexible, IP65 waterproof and easy installation, shown by an illuminated outdoor area with poolside lounge chairs and palm trees.
150W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT701S with door open showing internal wiring and accessories including power cord and timerLarge house illuminated with outdoor LED landscape lights and inset of 150W multi-tap low voltage transformer internal wiring and connection ports.
COLOER 100-foot low voltage landscape lighting cable, 16 gauge pure copper with two conductors, outdoor direct burial cable for landscape lighting500 ft spool of COLOER 16 gauge low voltage landscape lighting cable with 2 conductors and 100% pure copper core. Background shows illuminated garden path. Key features: Directly Buried Easy Installation, IP65 Waterproof, 100% CU Pure Copper Core, Flexible Won't Tangle, Easy to Strip.
2.5W MR8 LED bulb, low voltage outdoor lighting solution, 2700K warm white, model COMR8-01A by COLOERMR8 LED Bulb, 2.5W 160LM, IP65 Waterproof, 2700K Warm White on smooth surface with gradient blue background
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3.5W LED Aluminum Stair Light with oil-rubbed bronze finish, emitting warm white light downwards. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, offering durable and waterproof lighting for stairs and steps.COLOER 3.5W LED aluminum step light with oil-rubbed bronze finish installed on wall, emitting warm white light. Text: 'Step Light,' 'INDOOR&OUTDOOR,' 'Dimmable 10%-100%', 'Aluminum LED'. Fern leaf in foreground, COLOER logo and tagline 'Color Up Where You Go'.
COLOER 300W (12V-13V-14V-15V) Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT705S with open metal casing showing internal wiring, power cord, and instructional labels, ideal for high-quality, durable LED landscape lighting solutions.Beautiful house illuminated with landscape lighting at dusk, showcasing the 300W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT705S used for installation.
600W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT703S for Outdoor Landscape Lighting with Timer and Photo SensorClose-up of COLOER 600W multi-tap low voltage transformer COT703S with voltage settings from 12V to 22V, alongside a beautifully illuminated residential garden at dusk
7 Inch LED Aluminum Hardscape Lighting with LED Outdoor Step Lights in 2700K Warm White COH202BFront entrance of a house illuminated with LED hardscape lights on the steps, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance at night
75W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer for Outdoor Lighting, Model COT702S, with Timers and Photocell, Open and Closed ViewsModern house with glass facade and illuminated walkway, inset showing internal view of 75W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer with timers and photocell
900W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT704S for Outdoor Landscape Lighting showing voltage options and wiring panel.900W Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer COT704S alongside a beautifully lit outdoor pathway with LED landscape lights leading to a gazebo.
Die-cast brass landscape light mounting plates, 2.76 diameter half-round with threading for COLOER spotlights and outdoor lighting installation.Brass landscape light mounting plate with threaded holes, displayed against beautifully lit nighttime garden and house scenes, showcasing COLOER outdoor lighting installation.
Brass Landscape Lights Ground Stake Spike COK1003S without cut medium sizeGarden and walkway illuminated by landscape lights, modern house with a well-lit driveway, and a brass landscape light ground stake enlarged in the center.
Brass sheet outdoor floodlight COF505B for landscape wall wash lighting without glass protectionLED landscape lighting illuminating a outdoor garden with stone benches at The Garden Terrace MIPE
Brass outdoor flood light COF504B with clear glass for low voltage landscape wall wash lightingNighttime landscape illuminated by brass LED flood lights, highlighting a modern house, garden, and architectural features
LED outdoor low voltage pathway lights COG303B with in-ground well light illuminatedOutdoor brick corner with illuminated in-ground LED well lights highlighting the sidewalk and nearby potted plant
Die-cast brass LED landscape tree lighting, low voltage outdoor spotlight COA102B with adjustable head.LED spotlights illuminating garden bushes at night, highlighting the landscape with a warm glow.
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Brass outdoor wall sconce with up and down lighting for low voltage landscape exterior, model COL1301BBrick house with a well-lit front entrance featuring a black door, columns, and brass wall sconces on either side of the door.
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Brass low voltage landscape wall wash light COF501B with LED bulbGarden illuminated at night with brass landscape flood lights highlighting plants and a rock feature, providing a warm, ambient glow
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Brass underwater landscape light COU1201B suitable for pool and fountain lightingNight view of a backyard pool with waterfall feature illuminated by COLOER LED landscape lighting, showcasing underwater lights and garden spotlights enhancing the plants and rocks.
Two-piece cast brass LED landscape lighting kit showing spotlight and path light with 12V low voltage design for outdoor waterproof lighting solutions
Die-cast brass waterproof LED garden decor lights kit with spotlight and path light from Low Voltage Landscape Lighting KIT-5.
Brass finish low voltage LED landscape lighting kit with spotlight and path light on gray background
Brass finish LED low voltage outdoor lighting kit featuring spotlight and path light on a gray background with 'KIT 4+2' text.
G4 LED Bulb 2W replacement for landscape lighting showing 2700K warm white light output 180 lumens COG4-01PG4 LED bulb with specifications 2W 180 lumens, IP65 waterproof, 2700K warm white light on a gradient background
G4 LED Bulb,4W Replacement Landscape Bulb G4-4W-01PG4 LED Bulb,4W Replacement Landscape Bulb G4-4W-01P
LED outdoor low voltage in-ground well light COG302B for pathway lighting.Pathway illuminated by in-ground well lights along a modern building's walkway, showcasing evening outdoor lighting.
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Large-size PVC landscape lights ground stake spikes replacement for garden lighting installation.Collage of outdoor garden path lit with landscape lights and backyard garden with night lighting; close-up of a black PVC landscape light ground stake spike in the center.
PVC medium size landscape lights ground stake spikes replacement for outdoor lighting COK1002SOutdoor houses with landscape lighting and PVC ground stake spike for landscape lights COK1002S
LED Outdoor In-Ground Well Light COG301B for Landscape Lighting and PathElegant home with curved driveway and LED in-ground lights illuminating the landscape at dusk
Energy-saving LED 5W MR16 bulb 6-pack and efficient 2W G4 bulb 4-pack for home lighting2W G4 LED Bulb 2700K Warm White P65 Waterproof
LED 5W MR16 bulb 8 pack and 2W G4 bulb 4 pack product kit with large 'KIT 8+4' text overlay.5W MR16 LED bulb with 400LM output, P65 waterproof rating, and 2700K warm white light, energy-efficient lighting kit.
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Brass finish LED deck light model COD401B for outdoor landscape lighting, waterproof and low voltage.Low voltage LED brass deck lights illuminating outdoor steps, enhancing safety and aesthetics with durable, energy-efficient lighting.
Solid Brass 12V LED Landscape Lighting Kit, featuring an angled path light and a directional spotlight with KIT 6+2 overlay text.
Brass outdoor garden pathway light COP601B with LED low voltage illumination and included bulb on white backgroundBrass LED low voltage landscape pathway lights illuminating garden at night, highlighting warm light on grass
Low voltage waterproof LED landscape bulb PAR36 COPAR36-01A designed for outdoor lighting efficiency and durabilityClose-up of COLOER PAR36 LED bulb with features like 2700K warm white light, IP65 waterproof rating, 10W 800LM output specified in text
Brass outdoor low voltage LED landscape spotlight from Volt Landscape Lights COA103B.Low voltage brass LED landscape spotlight illuminating a tree at night near a modern house
Brass finish low voltage LED landscape light spotlight for outdoor garden decor, COA101B model.Brass LED landscape spotlight COA101B illuminating garden tree at dusk near waterfront
Brass Rectangular COF503B Flood Light for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Wall LightsOutdoor stone wall illuminated by LED landscape lights at night, highlighting texture and surrounding plants
Solid brass low voltage outdoor pathway light with LED bulb, durable and waterproof, ideal for landscape lightingL-shaped low voltage brass path light illuminating garden walkway with fallen leaves, featured in serene outdoor setting at night
Twenty-pack of black low voltage wire tap connectors for 12-20 gauge landscape lighting cable, arranged neatly with quantity labelPackage of 20 low voltage wire tap connectors for 12-20 gauge landscape lighting cable, with screw tight design and waterproof, for use in various outdoor locations and applications.
Brass outdoor flood light COF502B, low voltage landscape wall wash lighting mini rectangular fixture with illuminated bulb.Brass outdoor rectangular flood light illuminating garden plants with a red car in the background. Ideal for highlighting landscape features.
Mini size low voltage brass outdoor spotlight with adjustable angle and ground spike for garden lighting COA104BOutdoor garden at night illuminated by wall-mounted lights and a mini brass low voltage spotlight, highlighting tiled walls, plants, and a small garden area with trees.
5W MR16 LED bulb with GU5.3 bi-pin base for outdoor waterproof lighting, model COMR16-01A.MR16 LED bulb, 5W 400 lumens, IP65 waterproof rating, emitting 2700K warm white light for outdoor landscaping.