G4 LED Bulb,2W Replacement Landscape Bulb COG4-01P

Sale price$35.99 USD

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  • Only 2W can be replace 30W halogen lamp and save 90% energy.
  • 180LM 2700K warm white light G4 bulb can replace 20W, 30W, 35W ordinary bulb.
  • No flicker, No radiation, No buzzing sound. 2700K warm white soft light, CPI≥85.
  • Ideal for landscape lighting, lawn lights, courtyard, garden, etc.
  • Surface is silicone material coated, anti-pressure, heat and impact resistant.

Pack: 6-pack
Sale price$35.99 USD

12V LED Bulb for Landscape lights

G4 bulb surface is silicone material coated, anti-pressure, heat and impact resistant. No flicker, No radiation, No buzzing sound. 2700K warm white soft light, CPI≥85. Ideal for landscape lighting, lawn lights, courtyard, garden, ceiling fan lamps, post lights, wall lamps, puck lights, under cabinet lighting, under counter lights, post lights, recessed lights, etc.

The COLOER silicone LED G4 bulb boasts superior heat dissipation and a longer lifespan. With a 2700K warm white soft light, a CPI of ≥85, this LED lighting effectively prevents eyestrain and protects your family's eyes health.

The G4 Bi-Pin Base LED bulb can be used for most path lights and well lights. The 2W LED G4 bulb can replace a 10W ordinary bulb.

The COLOER LED G4 bulb, 2700K warm white soft light, has a CPI≥85, can provide more realistic lighting effects, and avoids eyestrain. It is ideal for outdoor landscape lighting, path lights, garden lighting, and yard lighting.

What included in the box

  • 12V LED G4 Bulb for Landcape lights

How long can I receive it

  • We have CA/FL two warehouses for service
  • We will arrange delivery nearby
  • You will receive the goods in 3-5 work days
  • Remote areas may take a little longer

How long is the warranty

  • Brass Fixture: Lifetime
  • Aluminum Fixture: 5 Years
  • LED Bulbs: 5 Years
  • Transformers: Lifetime

LED Bulbs Series

  • Sturdy Quality: Die-cast aluminum housing, scientific heat dissipation base design, stable built-in constant current driver, and equipped with high-quality Cree LED chipsets, make the bulb last longer, with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.
  • Ideal for 12V Low voltage outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor spotlight, uplight, in-ground well light, garden lighting, yard lighting, flagpole lighting, lawn lights, etc.

1.97"L x 1.97"W x 1.97"H

4.37"L x 4.37"W x 2.48"H

0.98"L x 0.98"W x 1.46"H


400 Lumen

‎‎800 Lumen

160 Lumen


12 Volts

‎12 Volts

12 Volts


5 Watts

10 Watts

2.5 Watts


5 year

5 year

5 year

LED Bulbs Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Exact Replacment for Halogens

I opted for these bulbs as replacements for traditional halogen ones, and they have proven to be an excellent choice. The "pins" on these bulbs fit seamlessly into the socket, ensuring a perfect connection. The quality of light they emit is a pleasant warm hue, comparable to the old halogens, and the brightness level matches as well. Given their performance, I definitely plan on purchasing these bulbs again in the future.

Perfect for replacing halogen walk way lighting

I encountered a problem when a few of my halogen walkway lights stopped working. Instead of simply replacing them with the same type, I opted for these lights and switched out all the bulbs. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they also provide the same level of brightness.

Good vy

I discovered that these G4 bulbs offered excellent value, and once I installed them into my landscape lighting receptacles, they performed admirably. While it's too early to determine their longevity, their initial performance suggests they are a worthwhile investment. I'm impressed with the quality they offer at such a reasonable price point, and I'm eager to see how they continue to perform over time. Overall, they seem to be a fantastic value for the quality they provide.

Sarah J
Excellent bulb for low volt lights

I had been on the hunt for replacement bulbs for my low voltage lighting, and I'm pleased to report that these bulbs have been performing admirably. Thus far, they have met and even exceeded my expectations.

Very bright and worth it.

When purchased the information provided showed pictures of the bulbs being used outdoors. I installed the four bulbs outside and so far no problems. The bulbs are very bright and light up the entire area around my driveway.

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