Waterproof Wire Nuts with Silicone Grease for 12-20 Gauge Cable CON901P

Sale price$11.99 USD

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  • With silicone-based grease, connector size: Ф14mm x 24mm; wire range: Min #22/Max #12; meet your various needs.
  • Put the wire ends with the stripped plastic into the terminal, and then twist the cap. The silicone sealant will overflow to seal the wire connection, prevent the wire ends from leaking.
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor electrical wire splices.
  • Work temperature range from -40℉ to 400 ℉.
  • This wire nut can protect the safety of the wire interface and reduce the risk of fire.

Pack: 1-pack (30 pcs)
Sale price$11.99 USD

Landscape Lights Wire Connectors with Dielectric Grease

30 pcs medium-sized low voltage landscape lights wire connectors with silicone-based grease, meet your various needs. The electrical end caps are made of high-quality PVC material, which is durable and flexible. No pre-twisting is required, you just need to put the wire ends with the stripped plastic into the terminal, and then twist the cap. The silicone sealant will overflow to seal the wire connection, preventing the wire ends from leaking when it encounters water and being oxidized. Perfect design allows you to connect landscape lights to power cords more easily and conveniently.

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What included in the box

  • Wire Connectors with Dielectric Grease

How long can I receive it

  • We have CA/FL two warehouses for service
  • We will arrange delivery nearby
  • You will receive the goods in 3-5 work days
  • Remote areas may take a little longer

How long is the warranty

  • Brass Fixture: Lifetime
  • Aluminum Fixture: 5 Years
  • Connectors --- 2 Years
  • Transformers: Lifetime
landscape lighting wire nuts

IP68 Waterproof

The wire nut with IP68 waterproof design and pre-filled with the right amount of silicone sealant, which is weatherproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion, can be exposed to condensation, water, steam, or dust. Perfect fit for the wet places used.

Silicone-Based Grease

COLOER 30 Pcs Landscape lights wire connectors with silicone-based grease, electrical end caps for Min #22/Max #12 gauge wire, waterproof wire nut for building application connect, wet location, etc.

LED Brass Deck Lights illuminating backyard landscapes in a waterproof low voltage lighting setup COD

Application Scenarios

Waterproof wire connectors use for light cord 14-20 AWG low voltage landscape wire and power cord 12/14/16 AWG between 12-24 Volts. Widely used in Garden/Pathway/Driveway/Yard/Patio/Lawn/Walls/Trees/Flags etc.

Customer Reviews

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Great waterproof wire nuts

I just got these in and haven't actually put them to the test yet but they look to be very high quality weatherproof wire connectors. I'm going to be upgrading my exterior yard lights very soon and these will be exactly what I need for the job. Should keep the wire connections water tight & lasting for many years. I'll add more to my review after using them.

Good Quality, Better Price

I've utilized these wire nuts for multiple outdoor wiring projects and have encountered no issues whatsoever. They boast both good quality and an affordable price, making them an excellent choice for outdoor electrical work.

Great product for outdoor wiring

These connectors are equipped with a waterproof gel that effectively seals as you tighten the wire nut onto the twisted pair of wires, ensuring complete protection against exposure. I have encountered zero issues with regards to exposure, further attesting to their reliability and effectiveness.

Chris j
Good Deal

I have purchased these locally before and they are always extremely overpriced. This is a nice large bag of waterproof wire nuts at a fair price. They seem to be well-made and go on easily. I have been using them on my exterior landscape wiring. Great for lights in my low voltage system. I recommend them to any other DIY'r out there looking to get a good product at a reasonable price.

Good Quality, Better Price

Much lower price which makes them a great value. I used these to wire up some landscaping lights across my property a few months ago with no issues so far.

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