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Spot Lights

COA101B User Manual COA102B User Manual COA103B User Manual COA104B User Manual

Hardscape Lights

COH201A User Manual        COH202B User Manual

COH203A User Manual        COG301B User Manual        COG302B User Manual

COG303B User Manual        COD401B User Manual        COF501B User Manual

COF502B User Manual        COF503B User Manual        COF504B User Manual

COF505B User Manual        COP601B User Manual        COP602B User Manual

COP603B User Manual        COP604B User Manual        COP605B User Manual

75W Transformer User Manual           150W Transformer User Manual   

300W Transformer User Manual          600W Transformer User Manual      

900W Transformer  User Manual         

COU1201B User Manual        COL1301B User Manual

100W Transformer  User Manual         200W Transformer  User Manual

COS801A User Manual        COS802A User Manual          COS804A User Manual

We're Here to Light Your Way with Helpful User Manuals

At COLOER, we understand that installing and setting up a landscape lighting system requires clear instructions and guidance. Our comprehensive user manuals provide the information you need to properly install, operate, and maintain your lighting fixtures and accessories.

Having access to detailed user manuals allows you to:

  • Review important safety warnings and precautions
  • Understand electrical specifications and transformer requirements
  • Learn how to correctly install and position each light fixture
  • Operate lighting features like dimmers and timers
  • Perform regular maintenance and troubleshoot issues
  • Find replacement part numbers

We encourage everyone to thoroughly read the user manual before attempting installation. Our manuals are designed to ensure you get your landscape lighting system up and running smoothly and safely. They provide useful tips for installation along with diagrams and wiring instructions.

Below you will find our collection of downloadable PDF user manuals covering our complete range of lighting fixtures and accessories. Choose your product and access the appropriate guide. Having the manufacturer user manual on hand makes setup a breeze.

Review our user manuals today to learn how to properly install and care for your COLOER lighting system. Our guides have the information you need for a successful lighting project from start to finish.

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