What We Do

COLOER operates two factories spanning approximately 200,000 square feet, staffed by 130 dedicated full-time employees. With our unwavering determination and over 10 years of expertise in the landscape lighting industry, we are confident in our ability to deliver unparalleled products and services to customers worldwide.


Excellent Craftsmanship

Our product line encompasses brass and aluminum fixtures, LED lamps, low-voltage landscape lighting transformers, and more. From engineering to chip design, genuine craftsmanship permeates every facet of our operation. We firmly believe that superior products are born from meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials. Solid die-casting and high-end design are always our forte.

Outstanding procurement and stocking capabilities

With our highly skilled procurement team and robust financial resources, we confidently assure you that we can fulfill all your quality requirements and ensure timely delivery of your orders. We take great pride in our ability to consistently meet and exceed your expectations, providing you with the peace of mind that your needs are in capable hands.

Guaranteed Quality

Backed by our elite quality-control team and seasoned engineers, we offer reasonable, long-term warranties to every customer. We understand that exceptional products and guaranteed quality are pivotal in influencing customer preferences. Our products are ETL, UL, and DOE certified, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards. Moreover, our steadfast dedication to 24/7 availability ensures unmatched satisfaction for all our esteemed clientele.


How is the fixture made?

Step-by-step production process of high-quality landscape lighting fixtures at COLOER, showcasing expertise in brass melting, die-casting, CNC machining, polishing, metal brushing, and advanced coloring techniques, reflecting our commitment to craftsmanship and superior material use.
COLOER's manufacturing process depicted in six stages, including brass melting, precision machining, quality control, and product testing by skilled technicians in a factory setting, highlighting our dedication to crafting premium landscape lighting products.

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