Ideals For Your Landscape Lighting Selection

Ideals For Your Landscape Lighting Selection

Different landscape lights bring different effects,choose the one that suits you best.

1.Spot Lights

One of our most popular up lights, it offers style and function without compromise. Heavy duty, solid brass with an elegant Antique Bronze finish gives this fixture the perfect design to blend in with any landscape environment. Its sleek straight lines, lock and load shroud feature make it an essential fixture when lighting queen palms, trees, columns, or any other tall structure.

2.Path Lights

The Path lights offers soft level lighting with an elegant look. The frosted cylindrical lens minimizes glare while the LED lamp provides sufficient light to cast a soft glow on any path or walking area.Ideal for lighting walkways, planters, BBQ areas, or any other outdoor living areas.

3.Step Lights

Suit for most home style.This LED lights for stairs has an oil rubbed bronze finish face plate(2-7/8" height,4-3/4" length) which will blend wonderfully with the wall. The step lights can be used both outdoor and indoor, the modern exterior design makes it suitable for most homes.

4.Hardscape Lights

The LED Hardscape Lights are durable, low profile, linear fixtures designed to be easily concealed. They are simple to install and produce an evenly dispersed illumination - without the distracting hot spots seen with lesser quality linear fixtures. Typical applications include mounting under capstones, railings, outdoor kitchen counters and cabinets, benches, and eaves.

5.In-Ground Lights

Projects a large 16' diameter region of illumination, become the finishing touch of your garden landscape. IP65 waterproof underground light, suitable for house, fence, backyard, gardenway & other outdoor decorations. Well sealed from water, with O-ring design and silicon plug at the bottom where the leads exit the fixture.

6.Deck Lights

The Deck Lights features an upgraded lock and load shroud allowing installation to be tree of exposed screws and other mounting hardware.The compact puck light is perfect for illuminating stairs, benches, posts, and other niche locations.

7.Flood Lights

The Flood Lights is a powerful fixture. Featuring a compact Size die cast brass body, this little power house is able to illuminate planter areas, short retaining walls, step landings or any other area needing a soft glow.

we believe that the right lighting can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful and inviting oasis.

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