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How to Install

Step 1: Make sure that the power is turned OFF before installing or servicing this fixture.

Step 2: Remove the shroud of the fixture and insert MR16 lamp into the lamp socket.

Step 3: Screw the fixture onto the stake. Lay out fixtures at desired locations. Any combination of lights is acceptable as long as the total wattage does not exceed 85% percent of the power supply transformer.

Step 4: Remove the sleeves from the pre-stripped lead wire. Use the wire connectors to connect a lead wire to the main power supply cord.


How to Choose Transformer

To determine the size of transformer needed for a low-voltage lighting system, add up the wattage of all fixtures in the system and add 10% for low-voltage cable and fixture connections.

If the total load of fixtures is too great, either divide the total load between 2 transformers or use a more powerful transformer.
Select a transformer with 20% higher capacity than the total wattage of all fixtures in the system, which allows you to add more fixtures later.


Select a transformer that matches as close as possible to the calculation shown above.

Example: you have 12 fixtures, each 5 watt. You need a 75-watt transformer (12x5=60 plus 10%= 66)

NOTE: Low-voltage lighting systems require the use of a transformer to reduce the standard 120-volt power from ordinary household electricity to 12, 13, 14, and 15 volts needed to power low-voltage fixtures.
The total wattage of all fixtures connected to one transformer must not exceed the wattage capacity of the transformer.

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